Polyform F-series




Heavy duty fenders

The Polyform F-series cylindrical fenders have set the standard for heavy duty fenders for over 60 years. Polyform's unique, in-house developed and patented POLYMATIQ® technology ensures supreme control over the fusion process and warrants for the most consistent quality available.

REDUCING FOOTPRINT IN 2024: Following our environmental commitment Polyform include bio-sourced* raw material in all our inflatable PVC production, reducing Co2 footprint by 8%!

F-series cylindrical fenders are offered in 12 different sizes to fit vessels ranging from the smallest dinghy up to commercial ships and Navy vessels. More info in our fender-guide here.

The easily recognizable blue, rib-reinforced rope holds are solid right trough and are made by high pressure injection molding that secures the highest breaking strength.

The fenders are tested for strength and flexibility in temperatures ranging from -30oC to +50oC, and feature high abrasive resistance and high energy absorption (up to 3.8 ton meter for F-13) making them suitable for ships of up to 1500 ton d/w (F-13).

Find user info and guides here.

*bio-attributed materials, substituting fossil feedstock by renewable biomass under the principles of mass-balance.

DiameterEye diameterWeightProduct sheet
F01S2,8 l370 mm130 mm18 mm0,62 kgPDF
F01M4,0 l465 mm130 mm18 mm0,68 kgPDF
F01L5,3 l560 mm130 mm18 mm0,75 kgPDF
F0215 l660 mm200 mm25 mm1,65 kgPDF
F18 l610 mm150 mm22 mm1,00 kgPDF
F216 l610 mm220 mm28 mm1,75 kgPDF
F322 l745 mm220 mm28 mm2,10 kgPDF
F435 l1040 mm220 mm28 mm2,90 kgPDF
F535 l775 mm290 mm28 mm3,00 kgPDF
F660 l1090 mm290 mm28 mm4,20 kgPDF
F785 l1020 mm375 mm28 mm5,30 kgPDF
F8135 l1440 mm375 mm28 mm7,60 kgPDF
F11275 l1455 mm590 mm28 mm10,50 kgPDF
F13700 l1880 mm750 mm40 mm23,00 kgPDF