Polyform HL-series




Cylindrical, bullet-shaped POLYFORM® HL-buoys are specially designed to reduce drag when used under conditions with strong currents.

The special oval design and ribs along the body contribute to a lower drag and for the buoy to skip on the surface, instead of being dragged down in high currents, harsh weather and when retrieving the buoy.

Designed with the original POLYFORM® rib reinforced ropehold, the HL-buoys are heavy duty buoys and used by commercial fishermen in inshore and offshore environments.

The HL-buoy is also a popular fender, especially on boats with low freeboard.

Art.noBuoyancyLengthDiameterEye diameterWeightProduct sheet
HL112,0 / 7,5 kg470 mm230 mm22 mm1,15 kgPDF
HL230,5 / 18,5 kg620 mm300 mm22 mm2,1 kgPDF
HL351,0 / 30,5 kg745 mm350 mm25 mm3,1 kgPDF
HL480,0 / 48,0 kg950 mm400 mm28 mm5,9 kg

Product sheet