Polyform Inflatable Buoys and Fenders

Inflatable Buoys and Fenders

Inflatable buoys and fenders

Inflatable Buoys and Boat fenders

Wide range

People associate Polyform’s infatable buoys and fenders with the easily recognizable blue rib reinforced ropeholds of the A- and F-series. No wonder, this has been Polyform’s hallmark for over 60 years. Today, Polyform of Norway can offer the widest range of inflatable buoys and fenders that can be supplied in a wide variety of different sizes and colors.

Extreme strength

As part of our in-house quality assurance rocedures, destructive testing of products is carried out at regular intervals and at random. This video shows (the destructive) testing for pulling strength for one of our standard blue, rib-reinforced ropeholds. Please note: Over-inflation will reduce the strength of the product and void guarantee.


Polyform inflatable buoys and fenders require no special maintenance. As long as they are not over-inflated they will retain their shape and can be used for its intended purpose for year after year.


Production technologies

Raw materials

Years of experience in selecting the right raw materials for each particular product has provided us with the knowledge.

Polymatiq rotomolding

Polyform F-series fenders are made by our unique, in-house developed and patented POLYMATIQ technology that ensures supreme control over the fusion process and warrants for the most consistent quality available anywhere for such molded, soft Vinyl fenders.

Welcotec welding control

Welcotec is an in-house developed molding technology. It ensures controlled wall thickness, seamless true one-piece products and reliable quality for our soft vinyl products.

Foam filling

The majority of our soft vinyl buoys and fenders can be filled with PUR foam if desired and for special applications. This is a rigid/hard type of PUR foam, and the foam density will determine the product’s features. We have the knowhow!

All plastic valves

The flexible all-plastic Polyform valve is fitted into every inflatable Polyform product. The V-10 valve is a non-return type of valve, fitted with a protective valve screw to fully secure any loss of air from the valve! The V-40 valve is designed for easy inflation and deflation of our largest products. This is not a non-return valve. Inflate trough the center hole of the valve screw itself, and tighten the screw.

Custom molding

In addition to standard products Polyform AS can offer a wide range of customized products and custom molding of special products. Skilled engineers and technicians - through their specialized knowledge and expertise - can assist in the research and development phase on projects. Polyform AS can provide construction drawings, 3D drawings, mold design - and assist with the construction and machining of production molds/tools.

Originator of the modern plastic buoy

Polyform was the first company in the world to produce a n inflatable, rotomolded soft vinyl buoy. The product was an instant success and was immediately accepted in the domestic as well as overseas markets. Products and machinery was gradually developed and improved until the first major leap forward in our production technology happened in the 1970’s and early 1980’s when specially designed, in-house constructed machinery for rotomolding of our buoys and fenders was developed and put into use. Such type of machinery at that time was truly unique in the world of molding buoys and fenders. More recent and even more revolutionary developments took place in the new millenium, by our designing and constructing of the first ever fully automated and robot assisted production machinery, built for molding of inflatable fenders. Ever since the start in 1955, our company has been committed to further expand the range and to further develop, customize and improve the individual products.