Polyform AS Hard-shell PE, Aqua-series products

Hard-shell PE products

Hard-shell PE products

Non-inflatable Hard-Shell PE Products

The Polyform hard-shell products are rotationally molded buoys, pontoon floats and custom made products produced from PE (Polyethylene). These are mainly buoys for mooring, strain relief and floatation – but included is also a significant range of other products like different size and designed tanks, containers and customer tailored products.


Non-inflatable Hard-Shell PE Products.
Design and production of Hard-Shell PE Products.

Mooring-, spring- and light buoys are available with various fittings in galvanized steel. In addition, we make fittings to customer specifications.

Recently installed the largest #rotomolding machine with independent arms in Northern Europe. PU foam filling.
The largest rotomolding machine with independent arms in Northern Europe.


Most hard shell PE products are foamfilled, with type and quality depending on applications and depth ratings.

Products intended for surface use usually come with EPS foam filling. And even if products are intended to be used without foam, often it is recommended supplied with foam for increased durability. Expansion of the EPS foam is done by using heat, and requires experienced operators.

Foam filling by different qualities of polyurethane (PUR) are for subsea applications securing compressive strength for depth ratings down to -500m. Applications at other depth ratings can be filled with other types of foam and balls depending on project specs.