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Terms and Warranty

Terms and warranty

Terms of sale

Prices: Prices are exclusive VAT, if nothing else has been arranged by in writing. The pricelists are informative and the current price will be the one stated in the order confirmation.

Payment: Terms of payment for customers are prepaid unless otherwise arranged by in writing. Does the buyer not fulfill the terms of payment, or does the seller consider the buyer not to be able to fulfill his obligations, the seller may stop delivery, unless the price is paid in cash or enough security is provided.

Delivery: All shipments are ex works, if nothing else has been agreed upon. Dispatch is for the buyer’s own account and risk, if nothing else has been arranged by in writing. The seller reserves the right to deliver +/- 10% of orders. All goods are property of Polyform AS until paid in full. Cancelling: if an order has been put to hand, cancelling is not possible.

Complaint: complaints must be in writing and received within 30 days from date of delivery, with the exact no. of invoice, order, designs, the size of the order, number of defected items and the reason for the complaint. The seller is not responsible for expenses and cost with regard to claim, if any, without the preceding written confirmation from the seller. Without permission from the seller goods are not taken back.

Force majeure: The seller cannot be held responsible for delay or non-delivery of the order if it directly has been caused by circumstances beyond the control of the seller, such as strike, lockout, or other kinds of force majeure.

Liability for damages: The seller is only responsible for the article in the original condition, if the article has been sold after it has been finished by others than the seller. The seller is only responsible for the damages the sold article causes; if it can be proved that the damage is due to a mistake made by the seller or his employees. The seller is only responsible for damages caused in connection with calculation and advice when the responsibility is in direct connection with products supplied by the seller. The seller is never responsible for working deficits, profit losses or indirect losses. The seller is responsible for sold goods from date of invoice and 3 months further into the future under the conditions that these are stocked and are used in a way corresponding to satisfactory conditions. The product liability of the vendor cannot surpass the vendor’s coverage. Polyform AS is defended by Norwegian laws, by purchasing from Polyform AS the purchaser agrees to seek justice through Norwegian courts.

Limited warranty

Polyform AS shall not be liable for indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damage or penalties and does not assume liability of purchaser or others for injury to persons or property. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied.

Polyform AS warrants its products to be free of defects in workmanship and material under normal use and service and when used for the purposes and under the conditions for which they are intended.

This warranty does not apply to any problem caused by improper inflation; cuts, punctures, or exposure to chemicals that degrade or discolor plastics; harm caused by animals, birds, fish; intentional damage by people; abuse, neglect, accident, misuse, alteration, unauthorized repair, improper handling, or improper use; or unusual conditions such as severe storms, hurricanes, extreme temperatures, UV light breakdown, or ultraviolet rays. Also, the warranty does not cover cosmetic wear and tear under ordinary use and do not affect the performance or use of the product.

Due to the nature of the relationship between end-user and Polyform AS, Polyform AS shall not be responsible for the selection of the product for its installation and use. Polyform AS does not warrant that the product will meet your requirements.

This coverage is valid for 12/twelve months, starting the date the Polyform AS product is purchased. This warranty terminates if the original purchaser sells or transfers the product.

Polyform AS shall have the right to inspect said product and purchaser shall, if requested, return the defective product to Polyform AS. Polyform AS is not responsible for postage on the return of defective products. No return merchandise will be accepted without prior authorization.

For all warranty claims

A copy of the original sales receipt, documenting the date of purchase, must accompany all warranty claims. Obligation under this warranty is limited to repair, replacement, or credit for the defective product at our discretion. Polyform AS reserves the right to request return of the product for inspection. No return merchandise will be accepted without prior authorization.

For suppliers:

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