Polyform A-series products




All purpose buoys and fenders

In late 1955, Polyform produced the world’s very first inflatable, all-plastic buoy in Aalesund, Norway. This was the first buoy in a series of buoys that was to become the POLYFORM® A-series, and they established the standard for buoy design and quality.

REDUCING FOOTPRINT IN 2024: Following our environmental commitment Polyform include bio-sourced* raw material in all our inflatable PVC production, reducing Co2 footprint by 8%!

POLYFORM® A-series are produced in eight different sizes. Each model is designed and molded in order to offer a maximum of strength. The easily recognizable blue, rib-reinforced rope holds are solid right trough and are made by high pressure injection molding that secures the highest breaking strength.

The high quality and the seamless construction of Polyform buoys and fenders are part of the reasons why professional users all over the world prefer the POLYFORM® A-series buoys – and why these buoys have become synonymous with «the best buoy money can buy».

*bio-attributed materials, substituting fossil feedstock by renewable biomass under the principles of mass-balance.

Product sheet

Art.noBuoyancyLengthDiameterEye diameterWeightProduct sheet
A05,7 / 3,4 kg280 mm210 mm22 mm0,60 kgPDF
A113,0 / 7,8 kg380 mm295 mm22 mm1,15 kgPDF
A232,0 / 19,2 kg500 mm390 mm25 mm2,10 kgPDF
A352,0 / 31,2 kg575 mm460 mm28 mm3,10 kgPDF
A490,0 / 54,0 kg710 mm550 mm28 mm4,10 kgPDF
A5215,0 / 129,0 kg940 mm710 mm28 mm8,30 kgPDF
A6405,0 / 243,0 kg1120 mm850 mm35 mm11,30 kgPDF
A7670,0 / 402,0 kg1420 mm1100 mm40 mm21,00 kgPDF