Polyform Pe3-series, MR/MG-series is made from Bacell™.




Non-inflatable mooring buoys

This series is produced by Bacell™, our in-house developed EVA foam material of light weight and high buoyancy.
The 100% closed cellular foam material is totally puncture proof and ensures that the product retains its properties even with cuts, holes, minor damage, and the like.

These buoys are offered with either a short mooring rod (MR30, MR40) or a long mooring rod (MG40), and are fully assembled at the factory.

The rods include a swivel at the lower end and all parts are hot dipped galvanized. Upper part and the grip ring on top of the iron are coated with a dark blue plastic material.

NOTE: Only the swivel (below water) shall be used for mooring. The upper grip ring is for handling only. All moorings shall be checked for wear and tear at least twice a year.
Please see more info in our mooring guide.

Art.noRod diameterL1L2DiameterBuoyancyProduct sheet
MR3012 mm385 mm140 mm250 mm9,8 / 5,9 kgPDF
MR4016 mm600 mm140 mm285 mm14,0 / 8,0 kgPDF
MG4016 mm890 mm410 mm285 mm13,5 / 7,5 kgPDF

Product sheet