Polyform G-series, RFC-series




Blow molded utility fender
The POLYFORM® G-fenders are blow molded from marine-grade Vinyl material. Intended to be used as typically light-weight utility fenders - but still designed with re-enforcing ribs along the length of the fender body - to assure added strength and abrasion resistance. These fenders are fitted with the V-10 all-plastic valve and securing valve-screw.
The G-fenders are suitable for smaller and medium size pleasure crafts. (Please refer to our Fender-Guide).

NEW! Green Concept G-series

The same unique quality with an improved environmental footprint.

Introducing new and more environmentally friendly G-series models.

  • > Contains up to 30% recycled material.
  • > Non-phthalate plasticizer for PVC.
  • > Shipped with 100% recyclable packaging.
  • > Available in these models:
    • Green Concept G3, white
    • Green Concept G4, white


The Green Concept G-seres is identified by the green valve!

Read more about Polyform Green Concept here: https://polyform.no/green-concept/

Art.noLengthDiameterEye diameterWeightProduct sheet
G2407 mm117 mm13 mm0,5 kgPDF
G3515 mm145 mm16 mm0,8 kgPDF
G4585 mm170 mm20 mm1,1 kgPDF
G5705 mm215 mm22 mm1,5 kgPDF

Product sheet