The originator of the modern plastic buoy

Made in Norway since 1955

Polyform AS is the originator of the modern plastic buoy.

The company was established in 1955, and the A-buoy was introduced to the market in 1956. Today Polyform AS is the leading manufacturer in the field.

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The product range consists of:
- Inflatable buoys and fenders made from soft Vinyl plastics.
- Purse Seine Floats, buoys and marina fenders made from BACELL closed cell foam.
- Hard-shell buoys made from PE and filled with foam.

We are situated in the outskirts of Aalesund, on the north-western part of Norway. An area known for having one of the world’s most innovative environments within the maritime industry. Our coastal shoreline is one of the harshest in the northern hemisphere, and it is here that Polyform products are produced and distributed to all parts of the globe.

Through a well-established net of distributors, the products are sold all over the world under the trademark POLYFORM®.

From the rough North Atlantic waters to the sunny tropics, surface to subsea, our products are made to withstand the toughest conditions and strains. We offer one of the largest selections of buoys and fenders available for a wide range of applications. Most of our products can be customized, and we can even offer to develop new products in cooperation with our customers and produce on assignments.

Polyform AS is owned by Ernstrømgruppen.


Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

We aim to achieve and maintain the highest standards of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE).