Bacell includes BPB-series, NF-series, FlowSafe, MR/MG-series, MF-series.

Bacell Foam Products

Bacell foam products

Polyform Bacell™ Foam Products

Polyform has a variety of products made partially or completely from different foam materials. The better known material is the Bacell™, used for example in the Marina Fender Series, the BPB fishing floats and in many custom made products. The 100% closed cell foam materials cannot puncture and will never absorb any water. It is highly shock absorbing, has excellent durability, and retains its shape even after high strain and extensive use. In addition it has high buoyancy and it is resistant to UV light and all weather conditions.

  • - Polyform emphasis on continuous development and testing of EVA materials for new products and applications.
  • - Bacell™ is an in-house developed EVA material that is used in a wide variety of products.
  • - Manufacturing of products in Bacell™ sets high standards for quality and tight tolerances for deviation.