Polyform MB-series




Mooring buoys

The MB-series are heavy duty buoys mainly used for mooring, as well as marking of fishing gear, cables, pipelines and other surface installations.
Produced by roto-molded polyethylene (PE) and filled with polystyrene foam (EPS), guaranteeing a compressive strength of 5 mH2O and a density of 25 kg /m3.

These buoys are offered with either a short mooring rod (MB) or a long mooring rod (MB-L), and are fully assembled at the factory.

The rods include a swivel at the lower end and all parts are hot dipped galvanized. Upper part and the grip ring on top of the iron are coated with a dark blue plastic material.

NOTE: Only the swivel (below water) shall be used for mooring/connecting. The upper grip ring is for handling only.
All moorings shall be checked for wear and tear at least twice a year.
Please see more info in our mooring guide.

TypeVolumeWeight of buoyWeight of armatureNet buoyancyLength og buoyLength of armatureDiameter of buoyDiameter of armatureProduct
MB4045 liters4,5 kg2,5 kg38 kg43 cm78 cm38 cm16 cmPDF
MB100106 liters9 kg3,5 kg94 kg59 cm92 cm50 cm19 cmPDF
MB250255 liters20 kg5 kg230 kg102 cm135 cm65 cm19 cmPDF
MB40L45 liters4,5 kg3 kg37 kg43 cm115 cm38 cm16 cmPDF
MB100L106 liters9 kg6 kg91 kg59 cm150 cm50 cm19 cmPDF
MB250L255 liters20 kg8 kg227 kg102 cm200 cm65 cm19 cmPDF
Polyform MB-series