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Hose flotation solutions

Hose flotation solutions for more sustainable and efficient offshore operations

Sustainable energy projects across the world are lined up to be launched in the coming years. Common for these projects is that they combine strict quality requirements and efficiency considerations, as well as a consistant focus on the environment.


Standard products – custom solutions

Espen Aasen Molvær, Sales Manager for offshore/energy projects at Polyform AS, says there is a lot of activity in the field of offshore green energy.

‘Polyform AS has developed solutions for the innovative Norwegian aquaculture industry from the very beginning,’ says Molvær. ‘We have adapted our expertise and designs, and further developed them for offshore solar and wind power installations.’

Polyform designs solutions based on the customer’s project specifications and analyses, and proposes solutions in consultation with them.

Often unique project designs demand custom products for the project throughout. However, there are many advantages with standard products.

‘Shorter lead times and, not least, flexibility in relation to adaptations and maintenance are some of the advantages of Polyform’s module-based buoys and hose flotation devices. And choosing standard products often saves costs.

Polyform AS also delivers solutions to projects that require custom designed flotation elements, for example for solar parks where a wide range of solutions and designs are currently being developed.


Aker Barents

Efficient hose floatation installation

Offshore projects are exposed to tight installation schedules, often due to unpredictable weather and working conditions. This requires products and solutions to be quick and easy to assemble and installed.

‘There is often a huge amount of hoses and cables in renewable energy projects, and it is important to consider hose flotation devices that are flexible and quick to assemble – as on site installations or as pre-fitted elements.’

– Espen Aasen Molvær


Polyform’s FlowSafe series comprises unique hose flotation devices that are easy to handle and, not least, very easy to assemble. The Sub FlowSafe elements are equipped with a unique protected locking solution of stainless steel hinges and clamps, and is also designed so that it can be stored fully assembled on the cable drum. Both FlowSafe and Sub FlowSafe are available in several sizes.

SubFlowSafe Polyform


Surface and subsea strain relief

Most offshore renewable energy projects are in areas of depths down to 500 metres, and requries buoiyancy solutions for both surface and subsea applications.

Polyform offers a wide range of module-based buoy solutions suitable for strain reliefs and mooring, as well as marker and signal buoys. The different products and module are designed and tested with properties that ensure that they can withstand different depths.


Environmental considerations = quality requirements

When choosing plastic-based products, it is vital that they are of high quality. In addition to functionality, they should have a long service life, be UV-resistant to decomposition and not deposit microplastics into the ocean. It should also be possible to replace components, such as fittings and individual modules and thus increase the product's service life.

It is important to remember that these products are used to protect very valuable assets and to prevent accidents and leaks that can potentially have catastrophic consequences. This applies to both mooring buoys and the hose flotation elements that ensure that cables and hoses are not dragged along the seabed or become entangled in propellers. The destruction of coral reefs and oil leaks also come at a high price.

Raw material

Tracebility is also an important issue, and Polyform only use approved raw materials with all plastic produced in-house. This gives full control and makes it easy to document the origin and quality of the products.

All Polyform’s products are adapted for road and container transport with transport costs and, not least, environmental considerations, in mind.


Polyform Green Concept

Research on and testing of more eco-friendly plastic is currently underway, provided that this does not reduce the quality and functionality of the finished product.

‘This is a clear ambition through our “Polyform Green Concept”,’ explains Espen Aasen Molvær. 'The “Green Concept” covers the whole value chain from raw materials and production to transport, function and service life.’

Polyform has already made good progress in developing and introducing plastics with a better environmental footprint. This includes phthalate-free plasticizer and the use of recycled plastic in the products. Bio-plastics are also now being introduced.

‘Polyform is actually set to deliver flotation pontoons made from certified Bio-PE for a major offshore solar park in 2021. This is the first time we will be doing so on this scale,’ says Molvær.

Read more about Green Concept.



Polyform AS has a proactive organisation, with in-house design, testing and production, which ensures traceability and quality of the highest level.

Good solutions are always based on good cooperation.


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