Polyform AS was established in 1955 and was the first company in the world to produce inflatable, all-plastic net buoys and fenders. From 1970 and into the 1980s Polyform developed the first, partly automated machines for roto- molding, particularly for the Polyform net buoys. Machines based on this concept have over the years undergone several improvements and lately the concept was updated to in-corporate one of the newest in-house technologies: Welcotec ("welding control technology).

In 1990 Polyform AS bought another Norwegian company, Scanmarin AS. This was the world s first company to produce and commercialize purse seine floats, at first by expansion of PVC plastics. The raw material has since been replaced by BACELL, an in-house developed, EVA-based material, which is in use today still.

At the turn of the millennium Polyform AS finalized the world s first -and so far only – fully automated machinery for the production of cylindrical fenders: Polymatiq was born. The Polymatiq machine (and corresponding technology) is epoch-making to a degree that protection by national-and international patents have been applied for and been granted.

In 2009 Polyform AS acquired the production equipment and distribution for Big-Buoys. The wide range of large buoys and pontoon floats that are roto -molded from polyethylene, are now marketed under the Polyform trademark. The majority of this very extensive range of products is made puncture free by filling with polystyrene or polyurethane foam.