Polyform Aqua-series

Mooring and Spring Buoys

The Aqua series buoys are rotomolded from polyethylene (PE) with an extra heavy wall-thickness of 8mm and filled with polystyrene foam (EPS), or polyurethane foam (PUR) depending on the application.
The hot dip galvanized steel armatures and chain varies from application to application depending if it is for aquaculture, offshore, surface, sub-surface or other installations.

Standard color:

Configured for fish farming/aquaculture
The Aqua-series buoys are made from a rotomolded PE outer shell and filled with polystyrene (EPS) foam, guaranteeing a compressive strength of 5 mH2O and a density of 25kg /m3. The continuous high quality chain is terminated at either end of the buoy by use of terminating discs that are designed to prevent damage to the buoy. The chain is easily attached by shackle to the anchor line. All wear parts are standard components and can easily be replaced. Aqua-series buoys are designed for surface use and they are equipped with four yellow, daylight reflective tapes for better visibility. Armature and also a radar reflector can be supplied on demand and can also be mounted afterwards.

Net buoyancy
Aqua 2502603222811365PDF
Aqua 6006205556016577 x 77PDF
Aqua 600 pre62060560127120PDF
Aqua 85087373800143120PDF
Aqua 11001130951035165120PDF
Aqua 135013801181262188120PDF
Aqua 160016401301510213120PDF
Aqua 200020201801900228117 x 117PDF
Aqua 250025502102340210160PDF
Aqua 300030502352815235160PDF
Aqua 400040752853790235194PDF

** Length inclusive of the terminating discs.

Other configurations
The Aqua-series can easily be custom made, specially designed to meet the needs of the customer. They can be equipped with different steel armatures, different dimensions of continuous chain through the center, and different materials adapted to the use either on the surface or submerged to various depths. Polyform has an experienced research and development department and can in cooperation with the customer come up with the desired solutions.